MSR products are improving the listening environment in hundreds of studios and home theaters around the world. Our wide array of products will fit your every acoustics need.

Recording Studio

Do you want to record the next hit track? You need an acoustically treated space like all of the world's top studios have. We feature the Dimension4 system series to fit your room dimensions and budgets.

recording studio
Home Theater

Screening rooms all over Hollywood are acoustically treated to reveal the most subtle of sound effects. Look through our selection of home theater treatment systems to match your room dimensions and system prices.

home theater
Commercial Sound

Looking to quiet a gym, house of worship, or multi-dwelling unit? We have all the special products for soundproofing and reverb control.

commercial sound
Condo Soundproofing  

Ensure your Sound Comfort™ with special construction materials from MSR.

condo soundproofing
Living Sound

An elegant combination of personalized artwork and acoustic treatments for home theatres, living spaces, and studios.

living sound
Audiophile First Aid Kit

The Dimension4™ Audiophile First Aid Kit is a premium-grade acoustical tuning system that improves accuracy, focus, and tonal balance


With an experienced team of recording engineers, producers, acoustical engineers, and musicians, MSR has created an array of products that will satisfy even the most critical listener.

"My years spent in the studio have taught me one thing: If the acoustics of the room are poor, the recording will be poor; it's that simple." Keith Olsen, Producer

Remember that we are always available to help guide you through the choices. Simply call us at 415 883 8053.