Audiophile First Aid Kit

The Dimension4™ Audiophile First Aid Kit is a premium-grade acoustical tuning system that improves accuracy, focus, and tonal balance. Utilizing top-tier components from the Dimension4 Symphony2 series, the kit offers high-end acoustical control for the uncompromising 2-channel music lover. Using a combination of exotic hardwoods and “green” absorber composites, the First Aid Kit is at home in the most demanding listening spaces.

Based on scientifically-designed building blocks of “P-Fuser” and SpringTrap™ bass absorbers, the First Aid Kit is pre-engineered to simply and quickly provide enhanced articulation, imaging, and soundfield immersion.

The P-Fuser absorber-diffuser modules placed on your lateral walls and ceiling provide reflection control and spatial diffusion to the room. Corner-placed SpringTraps™ take care of balancing the low end of the room by actively dissipating standing wave energy.


Layout of the panels is easy with the First Aid Kit. Place the bottom wall P-Fuser modules at the first reflection point, 24 inches up from the floor. Place the top wall modules above them leaving a 6-inch gap. The ceiling P-Fuser modules should go 12 inches behind your seating position, centered, with a 6-inch gap between them.

Place the SpringTrap™ bass absorber modules in the front corners on the floor. If the corners aren't available, place the bass modules along the front wall/floor junction.

Solid wood triangular scattering modules
are filled with an absorption composite.

Dimension4 SpringTrap
Notice the gasket-sealed spring-loaded
diaphragm behind the removable grille

The Audiophile First Aid Kit is designed for 300 ft2 (30m2) rooms. Larger rooms will require more modules.


  • Trifuser-SA modules: 60cm x 60cm x 15cm  (24”x 24”x 6”)

  • SpringTrap™: 45cm x 45cm x 117cm triangle (18”x18”x 46”)

MSRP – $4,800.00 each.