Home Theater Acoustical Panels

Acoustical panels transform a loud & shouty room into a Hollywood producers screening room.

We feature a range of solutions to match your budget and quality requirements.

Dimension4™ Symphony2

The Symphony2 system is a professional-grade acoustic tuning system that improves accuracy, focus, and tonal balance. The top tier in the Dimension4 series, Symphony2 offers high-end acoustic control for the uncompromising home theater aficionado.

Dimension4™ Concerto

The Dimension4™ Concerto system is a high-quality acoustical tuning solution that offers enhanced sound control for the design-conscious home cinema owner.With absorbers made of patented “green” mineral wool composites for higher- performance sound control, Concerto is the ultimate choice for quality home theater environments.

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Dimension4™ Sonata

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Home theater acoustics just don't have to be complicated. We did the engineering for you and created systems to match the size of your room.

For each of the systems we offer you can pick from three room sizes to find your right choice

All Dimension4 systems are fire rated, are easy to install, and are available in a choice of colors. They are made of high performance and stable materials that won't degrade over time.

"The Dimension4™ system is probably one of a select few products that I can recommend without hesitation to anyone who's looking to upgrade their home theater system."

Mike Wood, Home Theater Magazine

The Sonata series is the workhorse of acoustical treatments for home theaters. A full series of cost-effective absorber sizes and diffusers patterns will tune your room to the most audiophile standards.

Sonata Home Theater  
SpringTrap™ Bass Absorber

An innovative high efficiency bass trap made of a spring-loaded pistonic diaphragm and triple ported resonator chamber. The SpringTrap™ works from 30Hz to 100Hz and controls standing waves like nothing else does.

Spring Trap  
Living Sound
Eclipse Drape

An elegant combination of personalized artwork and acoustic treatments for quality home theater environments and living spaces.


The Dimension4 Eclipse Drape is a specialty solution that provides just the right amount of absorption and diffusion for listening rooms and home cinemas.

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