Dimension4 SpringTrap™

This innovative bass trap effectively absorbs bass standing waves from 30Hz to 100Hz. Place one or two in the corner of your room and notice the bass clarity and consistency.

The chart below shows the absorption performance of two SpringTraps in a 1000 cubic foot room. Notice that up to 25dB of bass standing waves are eliminated.

  Spring Trap
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a) For rooms up to 150 ft2 use one SpringTrap
b) For rooms 150ft2 to 250ft2 use two SpringTraps
c) For room 250 to 400 ft2 use four SpringTraps  


The Dimension4 SpringTrap is 46"x18"x18". It can be painted to any color and tucks away in a corner of the room.

SpringTraps™ are made of stable, high-performance materials that won’t degrade over time.

US Patent #7,440,580.

“In our new studio we have tested (and measured) 7 different traps from leading European and American manufactures and got best results with SpringTrap from MSR Inc. Foam trap was absolutely ineffective below 100 Hz but as well as other traps affected the signal amplitude too much between 100 and 400Hz, thus sucking life out of music. The SpringTrap is the only product which helped us to get rid of bass issues, but kept our room sound live-like. Also it has the best build quality amongall competitors. We are happy to include SpringTrap to our portfolio.”
Dmitry Valdin
Transparent Acoustic
Kronberg, Germany

"The bass was clear and lifelike." Gary Altunian, Audiophile

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