SpringTrap Featured Installation: Sophia Morizet, Composer


Sophia Morizet is an award-winning composer who moved to Los Angeles in 1996 to join  “Media Ventures”, the production company of Oscar winner Hans Zimmer. From 1996 to 1997, she wrote the score for the 3D animated CGI film entitled "Mad Racers", in addition to composing music for commercials including Coca Cola, McDonald's and Chrysler.

Ms. Morizet had some serious bass problems in her studio, which she solved by adding a pair of SpringTraps in the front corners of her room. She faced them into the wall which gives the pressure-sensitive drive pistons even more efficiency. Her sound is now more balanced and her mixes translate better to the outside world.

She has also added the ZSound modules to her project studio

"The SpringTraps cleaned up my bass problems! I can now mix with confidence knowing that the results will be good." 
Sophia Morizet, Award-winning Film and TV composer.

Ceiling at mix position

morizet 12

Front of room with ZSound

Spring Trap in right corner

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