Client Testimonials

"My years spent in the studio have taught me one thing: If the acoustics of the room are poor, the recording will be poor; it's that simple."

Keith Olsen, Producer

“In our new studio we have tested (and measured) 7 different traps from leading European and American manufactures and got best results with SpringTrap from MSR Inc. Foam trap was absolutely ineffective below 100 Hz but as well as other traps affected the signal amplitude too much between 100 and 400Hz, thus sucking life out of music. The SpringTrap is the only product which helped us to get rid of bass issues, but kept our room sound live-like. Also it has the best build quality amongall competitors. We are happy to include SpringTrap to our portfolio.”

Dmitry Valdin
Transparent Acoustic
Kronberg, Germany

"What Anthony Grimani and MSR does is AMAZING. Tony really knows what he is doing and doesn't leave until it is done right. They turned my modest project room into a competitive studio. When they do a studio, you KNOW what your room sounds like. That kind of certainty allows you to process jobs with incredible efficiency, accuracy and speed. "

Fred Coury
Double Forte Music

"MSR's products enhanced the look and sound of my studio.  Their design and build quality give an impression that is both functional and at the same time slightly exotic, and the characteristics of both the absorption and diffusion are much more balanced and natural than the results I was getting with the products I was previously using."

James Heyser
Smilin' James Sound

"The Concerto system is probably one of a select few products that I can recommend without hesitation to anyone who's looking to upgrade their home theater system."

Mike Wood, Home Theater Magazine

"We used ZSound modules all over our control room and tracking room. The results are outstanding!" 

Mario Previti, Cheif Engineer, Renegade Studios

"Concerto transformed our showroom. Immediately, I noticed better imaging and an improved/expanded soundstage. Dialog was clear and easier to understand, even at reduced volume levels. There was a noticeable improvement in the lower frequencies as well -- the bass became clean and crisp. The whole listening experience just seemed more relaxed and natural."

Mark Hudgens, Home Theater Solutions
Arlington, TX

"After 30+ years as a professional recording engineer, I am amazed how the installation of the MSR acoustic panels and bass traps transformed my home theater into the finest music reproduction room I have ever heard. Over a year since the install, I'm still discovering more depth, detail, and musicality in everything I listen to."

A.D. Amelia Island, FL

"The system definitely elevated the quality of my room's acoustics."

John Krogh, EQ Magazine

"MSR made my restaurant comfortable." 

Samy Genet, Restaurant Owner

"Dimension 4 Project works really well for us."

Jim Lopez, Compound Records

"With the SpringTrap the bass was clear and lifelike." Gary Altunian, Audiophile

"Adding acoustic treatment is probably the easiest and most effective thing you can do to improve your sonic environment."

Home Theater Magazine

"Melody was the quickest and most cost effective sound enhancement in my theater."

Joe Blanc, Homeowner

"MSR helped me get the right gear for my room. Service was great, prices reasonable, and I could always get them on the phone" 

Phil Vandermost, Musician

"I called on MSR because I was looking for bass traps for my private studio. They came through with their amazing SpringTrap, and they also helped tune the imaging and soundfield with their sophisticated-looking diffusers and absorbers. My room sounds great and now translates very well to the post production studios of my clients"

Sophia Morizet

"MSR Acoustics turned my reverberant, boxy-sounding room into a world-class studio. Aesthetics are also very important to me and MSR's products make the control room and recording space look great."

P.J. Hanke of Sovereign

"After ten years in the industry, it was time to build a studio of my own. MSR Acoustics put together a plan that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. My Iso booths, live room and control room have never sounded better!"

Robert Navarro of RA Audio

"The team at MSR Acoustics designed and outfitted the acoustics of our New York film studio. The results are amazing and the projects we do all sound great. We have had the some of the top engineers in NY over to audition the rooms and everyone is very impressed with their performance."

Tom Paul of Gigantic Studios