MSR tunes up the acoustics of the Marin Youth Center studios.

February 2010 - The Marin Youth Center (The MYC) serves the teenage population of San Rafael, CA, 20 miles North of San Francisco. With sophisticated media facilities such as HD video production and editing, it deserved to have good quality studios. It only had basic rooms, with low-end acoustic foam sheets, and all the center's members complained about the poor sound quality they were getting form their recording projects. MSR lent a helping had with engineering services and product solutions. In fact on this project, it was decided by staff of MYC and MSR that the teen members would contribute by helping to make some of the acoustic absorber units, and by helping the installation process. The rooms now sound great and look clean and professional, and the studio users feel increased ownership of the facilities.

"MSR helped out above and beyond to make this happen, teaching our kids about acoustics, fabrication and installation processes. Everyone here is happy with the results and are eager to use the studios" commented Katherine Monahan, Studio Coordinator at the MYC.

"It was a pleasure and privilege to work with the staff and members of The MYC. They were sharp, enthusiastic, and care so much about the music; it's refreshing!" Said Anthony Grimani, President of Media Specialty Resources Inc (MSR)

For more information contact:
Katherine Monahan
Sound Studio Coordinator
The MYC 1115 3rd St
San Rafael CA 94901
(415) 459-6884 ext. 110

Leo Pagel
MSR, Inc
61 Galli Drive, Suite B
Novato, CA 94949
415 883 1476