Dimension4 System Sound Demonstrations

The following mp3 files contain the same voice-over track. The original track was recorded on a Blue microphone, about 12" from the talent, in a reasonably dead room. The next track is what you would hear in a 200ft2 room with no treatments. The final track is the same 200ft2 room with a Dimension4 system.

Download the files, take a quick listen, and prepare to be amazed!

Original track

Track heard in an untreated  200ft2 room

Track heard in a 200ft2 room treated with Dimension4



The Dimension4 system effectively controls unwanted room reflections. It doesn't merely kill all the reflected energy. This would sound unnatural and wouldn't be representative of actual end-user listening environments. Reflected energy is instead controlled by a judicious amount of wideband absorption and diffusion. You can clearly hear the results in these sound demonstrations.