Sound Comfort™ Walls

Soundproof Walls

There are several approaches to soundproofing walls. The major components are resilient suspension and damping.

Privacy level:
Resilient decoupling of walls will provide isolation needed to live your life comfortably while your neighbors live theirs.

Comfort level:
Adding damping layers to the walls will reduce sound transfer to a comfortable level.


Privacy soundproofing consists of adding a rubberized suspension scheme to the structure of your walls, ceiling or floor, and hanging layers of drywall filled with space age material onto the new suspended grid. Control loud sounds, and you get your privacy back!


Comfort soundproofing consists of strategically adding layers of space age material to your existing walls. This material contains a constrained layer of visco-elastic polymer that actually turns vibration into heat. Gone is the noise, and you get your comfort back!

"MSR's solutions really work! I have my peace and quiet back."
Amanda Huggen, condo resident