Anthony Grimani    

6 patents, 300 rooms designed, 100's of audio products, and 28 years of experience


Anthony Grimani has spent 28 years in the audio industry, consults worldwide and was responsible for several audio/acoustic patents. His experience includes positions at Dolby and Lucasfilm THX and has earned him the “50 Most Vital Influencers” award from CustomRetailer magazine.

While at Dolby, Anthony was intricately involved in the development of surround sound for consumer applications. During his nine-year tenure at THX, he managed the THX consumer licensing program and the technology development program, setting the direction for consumer and professional Audio/Video businesses.

As president, Anthony heads up Media Specialty Resources Inc. (MSR). This company distributes specialty audio/video tools such as acoustic treatment solutions, audio calibration kits, acoustic analyzers, soundproofing materials, and a plethora of acoustic and video products for the pro audio and home theater industries.

Anthony is also President and Lead Consultant of Performance Media Industries, Ltd., (PMI) a consulting firm specializing in multichannel audio/video system design for high-end home theater, production, broadcast, recording studio applications. PMI provides complete design, installation and calibration services.



"I've known for years that the acoustics of a room are the final frontier in sound quality. Now we're doing something about it ." Anthony Grimani

Friends for nearly thirteen years, Anthony Grimani and Keith Olsen got together to develop and market the StudioPanel® solution in 2003. As a multi-Grammy winning record producer and studio owner, Keith had worked with Anthony to accurately calibrate his main room to THX specifications for 5.1 mixing. Recently the two of them worked together to solve the Project Studio dilemma confronting thousands of studio owners and users daily. That is, how to make the room an accurate place in which to listen and create. Dimension4 systems are the culmination of that work. Keith’s extensive connections in the music industry and Anthony’s experience in engineering issues of sound and picture make them a powerful management team for an organization in the media industry.