Keith Olsen 

6 Grammys, 125 Albums, and 40 years experience


As Keith began his career in the music industry, he could feel the energy of the oncoming change in pop rock music and spent the next 25 years defining the genre. With over 120 albums produced netting a 1 in 4 gold or better ratio, of which more than 24 are platinum or better, and more than 14 are multi-platinum. To date, his work appears on more than 250 albums and in many feature films. These albums include Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Rick Springfield, Pat Benatar, Heart, Grateful Dead, Starship, Santana, The Babys, Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions, Sammy Hagar, and Whitesnake just to name a few. Sales of his work exceed 110 million units at retail, equaling more than a billion dollars in business. Keith’s career is fully covered by several websites and books.

Keith has always stated, “It’s about the music and how it affects the listener at home, in the car, or listening on their iPod. The song, the performance of that song, and the sound, are all extremely important.”  He now produces several albums per year, yet he gives his time and energy tirelessly to The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Grammy’s) as well as NARAS’ producers & engineers wing. 

In 1996, Keith concentrated on developing surround sound music mixes for his KORE Group record label. Producing or licensing masters, remixing for surround sound, and re-releasing them. This label was the first to release music only surround CD’s. From 1999 to 2003 Olsen was at Mackie Designs in Seattle, Washington, as Corporate Director of the recording products division.



"The room is a part of the instruments you record." Keith Olsen

Friends for nearly thirteen years, Anthony Grimani and Keith Olsen got together to develop and market the StudioPanel® solution in 2003. As a multi-Grammy winning record producer and studio owner, Keith had worked with Anthony to accurately calibrate his main room to THX specifications for 5.1 mixing. Recently the two of them worked together to solve the Project Studio dilemma confronting thousands of studio owners and users daily. That is, how to make the room an accurate place in which to listen and create. Dimension4 systems are the culmination of that work. Keith’s extensive connections in the music industry and Anthony’s experience in engineering issues of sound and picture make them a powerful management team for an organization in the media industry.